We are happy to introduce you our latest web domain: PutLocker.Land, the original Putlockers free streaming website which is offering one of the biggest collection of movies and series in the whole internet with approximately 60.000 episodes and 10.000 movies available in HD quality without registration so all the people around the world are able to enjoy free movies and tv shows while staying at home in the front of their tv, computer or even smartphone. In the last time, Putlocker has been through a lot of updates and improvements and that's why we felt the need to write this article and present everybody the latest news about our website.

Last year, many people complained about the quality of the movies and series published on our database and also there were many reports everyday regarding the functionality of our video players because lots of them were deleted. A big part of our audience started to left us after they were no longer satisfied with Putlocker and that's how we started to really work on this website and do a lot of improvements. We've been through all of our database and replaced all the video files with better quality ones, also this time we've made sure there will be no more deleted movies because we are using servers provided by a non-affiliate third party that never deletes the files as long as they are making views (and they will always make views because our real fans are coming back here everyday to watch the latest movies and series only). Another very important update regrading our database was the implementing of English subtitles everywhere it's necessary so the people can enjoy shows which are dubbed in other languages than English.

If you've been around the streaming sites and the internet in general for more than 10 years then you remember the times when you had to wait 10-15 minutes for your movie to fully load before you start watching it because otherwise the video player would have interruptions and buffering. Unfortunately, this is still happening on some crappy streaming sites but this is not the case on PutLocker because we have worked hard in order to provide probably the best servers with the fastest loading speed so you can simply click and watch your content without being necessary to wait at all.  It wasn't easy, especially when you are on a budget because we are talking about a completely free streaming site but we've managed to optimize Putlocker so it can work perfectly on any devices regardless of their internet speed.